Easy as pie DIY


My DIY skills are somewhat akin to the average six year old’s. I never excelled in arts & crafts, mainly because I have zero patience. While my sister drew and learned cross-stitch, my skills stopped with the latch-hook rug. I knew that any DIY project I attempted for the wedding would have to be quick and easy.

I have two such projects to share today. They are so easy you could give them to your flower girl to do.

The first is a bridal shower thank you card. I got my shower invite in the mail today (yay!) and I decided to make a thank you card for my MOH. I used Martha Steward note cards and a set of scrapbook embellishments to make the card. Nic, if you’re reading, skip this post!

There were several embellishments in the set, so I basically just stuck them on the front of the card as they were arranged in the set.

I wrote a message on the back of the card, then sealed it with another embellishment, and used the left-overs on the front of the card.

And voila, you have a personal card in less time that it would take you pick one out at Hallmark.

The next project is the Reserved signs. I wanted to make signs for our parents to make them feel a bit special at the ceremony. I’ve seen all manner of signs, some really fancy, some very simple. I chose to go with simple. I take this philosophy when it comes to weddings: your decorations will only be in use for a very short amount of time, so don’t spend hours and/or tons of money on them.

I used Blush paper from Paper Source for this project. I used our monogram and my favorite Learning Curve font to create the sign which I printed on regular copy paper. Sure, you could just print this right onto the pink paper, but in my experience, heavier paper just doesn’t print as well, especially using a laser printer. It tends to curl up.

The other supplies: tape, ribbon, a hole punch and a Martha Stewart glue pen. A note: our hole punch is 1/4 size, so I used ribbon about that size, but you can use whatever size you prefer.

If you have a paper cutter, use it to trim the paper down so you’ll have a nice border all around. If you don’t have a paper cutter, use a small piece of tape to adhere the paper together and cut along two sides of the paper. This will help you cut a straight line.

Center the paper, then glue the corners down. Lift the paper up and glue it down, I’m not coordinated enough to show that and take a photo at the same time.

Next you’ll punch one hole in the top center of the sheet. Then you’ll want to string the ribbon through the top. Give yourself plenty of ribbon. I know what type of chairs we’ll be having at the ceremony, so I made sure that there would be enough ribbon to tie these on. There will not be that fug ugly bow at the top on our ceremony, but a small, neat bow as the top of our chairs are bigger than my dining room chair. Cut the ribbon once you have a good length and tie it on to the back of the chair. Depending on the type of chair you’ll be using, you can also punch a hole in the bottom of the sign to tie it there too. This process would also work for bride & groom or just married signs to put on the bride & groom’s chair at the reception.

I love the small details at weddings, and I have a few more easy as pie DIY projects coming up as the wedding gets closer.


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