What a week.


First of all, thanks to the kind people who dropped by to leave positive comments for me. It’s been one hell of a week. On top of my fiance’s family troubles, one of my douchenozzle co-workers quit with one day’s notice. Seems like his miserable old soul got a special kind of glee leaving us in a lurch. Sucks to be him, as I think we’ll be just fine. And on top of all THAT, I’ve been closely following the troubles in Iran. It’s where I was born, and though I’m not Iranian myself (my dad was a military attache stationed there before the revolution) I have always had a special place in my heart for the beautiful country where I was born.

ANYWAY. Posting will probably be light again for the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to share a small update. We decided to go with Tiebar.com for our grooms and possibly dad’s ties. Their prices can’t be beat (all ties are $15), and they have several great designs in a variety of colors.

We’ve decided to go with this design for our groomsmen:


And the jury’s still out on the dad’s ties (I’m not sure if I can get my dad to agree to wearing purple!) but I’m hoping for one of the following.



I had wanted to go with something a bit more edgy for our groomsmen ties, but I’ve reached the point in my planning where I’m letting things go. It just doesn’t matter!


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