The benefits of an intimate wedding


Over the weekend I had the chance to talk with my FMIL about the turn-out from their side of the family for our wedding. She told me a few people already told her they’re not able to make it. Of course, some small part of me is offended that family members make trips to other people’s weddings and not ours, but not really. It’s a crappy economy. We’re getting married a few hundred miles from where most of Jeremy’s family lives, so this costs money. I accepted this and moved on pretty quickly.

We were thinking about it and it looks like we’ll have somewhere between 30 and 40 guests. We’re inviting about…78, I think? So that’s about half of the people we’re inviting showing up, which is probably a smaller turnout than most weddings, but most of our guests live hundreds or thousands of miles away. We budgeted for 50 people, and we may still end up with that many. But I doubt it.

If we have 40 guests, this will save us somewhere around $1,000 on food and rentals. This excites me greatly, because my parents have promised me whatever is left over from the wedding as money for the two of us, so the less I have to spend on food and booze, the better! If we end up with 50 or more, of course I will be excited that our guests are choosing to make the trip, I don’t want that to come across wrong. I will be happy no matter how many people show up.

Other than the catering and rental factors, there are a few other benefits to having a smaller wedding.

-For the shy among us, less people to be “on” in front of. Jeremy had seen some wedding show where the bride and groom had a receiving line and he was horrified by the idea. I told him we weren’t doing that, since we were having a small wedding, we could easily walk around to the tables and say hello to all our guests.
-You can upgrade where you want. If you want nicer favors, a top shelf bar, or even a nicer dress. You don’t have to worry about feeding 100+ mouths, so you can really have those few elements that are important to your “dream” wedding vision (in my dream, it’s upgraded linens) and not go broke.
-You can get by with a much less formal affair. I don’t know about you, but our families are pretty laid back, and our wedding will be-to a point. No tuxes and ballgowns for us!
-Different venues are open to you that wouldn’t be to a larger wedding. Love that adorable cafe or tiny art gallery? You can swing it with a small wedding!
-Best of all? You will be able to have the chance for photos like this, with all your guests included!
Source: Luster Sutdios via Intimate Weddings Blog

If you are considering or planning an intimate wedding, you must head over to! Not only does this site provide inspiration, but also validation!


2 Responses to “The benefits of an intimate wedding”

  1. I am having a small wedding hopefully around 40 people. I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention and would rather just my closest few with me. Maybe we’ll have a big party after the wedding.

    Mostly, I love the fact I can spend more on the few and it means I can have a whole weekend rather than just a day!

    I still want everyone to dress up to the nth degree but that’s just how me and my boy are. All I want is for everyone to have fun and I feel I can do this with a smaller number.

    Sorry for the essay but yey for intimate wedding!

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      That’s awesome you’re having a small wedding as well! It sounds like it’s going to be a great event, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out! 🙂

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