A piece to put on my head


Honestly, how did we survive before etsy? I don’t know how I would have planned my wedding with out it! I’ve gotten everything from my invitations to cupcake flags from etsy. My latest score? My gorgeous headpiece from seller Untamed Petals. I discovered this shop thanks to a thread on the Weddingbee boards, and I was impressed not only with the design and quality of the work, but also the price! She’s very reasonable!

So without further ado, here’s my gorgeous headpiece!

Best of all? How the model has her hair in this photo? Is pretty much what I’m looking for for the big day. A side part with some soft waves.

Done and done! I can’t get much wedding stuff done with this paycheck due to upcoming oral surgery (UGH!) but it’s nice to have one more thing checked off my list!


4 Responses to “A piece to put on my head”

  1. I know, etsy is heaven and hell at the same time!

    Your headpiece is beautiful. I think the hairstyle is also beautiful.

    P.S.Just found your blog and loving it! Can’t wait to read more.

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying my blog, I like yours as well. I’ll add it to my blog roll shortly!

  2. 3 Joy

    love it!! you look amazing and your headpiece is so cute!

    • 4 budgetbeautiful

      Thanks! I wish I could say that pretty girl wad me, but she’s just the store’s model.

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