Our rehearsal dinner invites.


You’ll have to excuse me for any typos, I had a REALLY painful root canal this morning and I’m currently hopped up on happy pills. Let’s hope I get all my medical calamities out of the way now so I’m good to go for September!

Anyway! Once I got news that my FMIL put the deposit down for our rehearsal dinner, I set to work on finding invitations. I quickly decided to have Ashley of 2birdstone create them for us. If you’re new to the blog, Ashley designed our whimsical board game themed save the dates as well as our monograms. I knew she’d do a great job and her design fees are very reasonable. She uploads everything to Vista Print for me and I go from there.

She created five amazing designs for us based on my inspiration photos. What I was most impressed with is that she didn’t do a full on copy of another designer’s work, but she creates her own design using that as inspiration. So, out of the five gorgeous designs, this was the winner!


I loved the design, and also that she went with an orange and blue scheme. Orange is Jeremy’s favorite color, so this is one way we can incorporate that somewhere in the wedding! The back of the card has just my phone number in case anyone needs to bow out, but I don’t think anyone won’t be there. Well, if they know what’s good for them, they’ll be there, let’s put it that way. 😉

The invitations are on sale at Vistaprint right now, so I got my invitations and envelopes for less than $20 including shipping!


One Response to “Our rehearsal dinner invites.”

  1. Very cute!

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