Found our ceremony reading!


I hadn’t really thought too much about our ceremony. I know it’s going to sound awful, considering a wedding is essentially the CEREMONY, but I could really care less about it. We will (hopefully) be meeting with our reverend about a month before the ceremony to go over what we want to do, so I figured it was time to start looking for readings and other inspiration. Well, I didn’t have to look very far! Yesterday Mrs. Candy Corn at Weddingbee posted her ceremony reading and I instantly fell in love.

It’s perfect for our wedding, because I didn’t want some schmaltzy love poem or any religious readings. Jeremy and I both liked this reading, mainly because it’s silly, and secondly because it’s not too long. Jeremy has already told me how nervous he is for the ceremony, so the shorter the better! Our ceremony will probably end up being about 15 minutes, since we’re not including any special ceremonies like unity candles, sand ceremonies, etc. We’re just not into any of them.

It feels good to have another item checked off my list! Best of all, Jeremy’s best man is after him to do a speech at the reception, so I’m hoping that if we ask him to do the reading instead, he’ll be placated. I’m pretty sure I already mentioned I loathe wedding speeches, so we won’t be having any at our reception.


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