It’s okay to be sick of wedding planning.


With a little more than two months to go, I am officially DONE with planning. Don’t read that the way your brain is telling you to, I’m really not done with my planning. I’ve just reached the point where I’ve stopped caring about it all.

I see other brides who are in this stage of their planning worrying about their hairstyles, accessories and time lines among other things. I care about none of this. I have a lot of expensive dental work to pay for in the coming months. So if I find some jewelry or shoes, they will be cheap. I may even :gasp!: wear something I already own to the rehearsal dinner and my upcoming bridal shower.

Part of me feels like a bad bride for NOT caring about this. Last night I had another wedding nightmare where among other things another girl was getting married where I was and she had her proverbial shit together far more than I. I know the wedding will happen if I’m wearing shoes I already own or if the only jewelry I’m wearing is my engagement ring.

But I see how other brides are freaking out and I guess I feel I should be too. I’ve always loved weddings and now that my own wedding is approaching, that inner voice that loves weddings is left sputtering, “But…but…it’s your WEDDING! YOUR SPECIAL DAY! You should care about this stuff!” Unfortunately her voice is pretty far in the distance now. I no longer watch any wedding shows and my stack of bridal porn has not been looked at in months. I’m over it. I am excited for my wedding day, I’m just sick of planning for it.

I’ve had a lot of crap to deal with in the last month in my personal life. My job situation has gone from bad to God bloody awful. So perhaps that’s why I really can’t be bothered to care about all these details I should be dealing with right now. Even setting up appointments to meet with my vendors before the wedding is giving me a headache. I will be SO GLAD when the only thing I have to plan is dinner for that night. I am so, so, SO glad we moved up our date from November 14th or I think I’d be going totally cuckoo bananas by now!

Anyone else feeling this way?


9 Responses to “It’s okay to be sick of wedding planning.”

  1. Please don’t feel bad for not have the worries. Life and obviously the marriage is more important than the wedding.

    Whilst I would be lying if I wasn’t enjoying (and becoming slightly obsessed) with my blog and wedding thoughts, I want my day to be great but I have no desire for it to be perfect. I simply want to get married.

    Grr to the perfection people.

    P.S. I hope the dentist is kind.

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      Oh, I totally understand being very into everything about the wedding. Now that we’re in the home stretch a lot of that fun planning is done and thus my wanting to just be married already!
      My dentist is dreamy, so that is some small consolation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 3 Stacy

    Girl, I know what you mean. Unfortunately I’m a year out, I’ve been planning for about a month, and I am sick to death of it. I’ve hit this wall where I can’t make any decisions at all…I have no idea what do about a reception hall. I think it’s such an involved process…I got engaged in April and I’ve been reading wedding blogs since September and I feel like I can’t measure up at all and I just don’t even want to deal.

    I plan on wearing stuff I already have too–the wedding is not an excuse for a free for all shopping spree, so you go!

    I hope your work gets better, I just got out of an awful job so I know how it feels. Hang in there!

    • 4 budgetbeautiful

      I went through a period like that about four months into the planning and ended up moving up our date and I’m so glad we did! That’s obviously not the route for everyone, but I highly suggest a break from the planning until inspiration strikes again, and it will. Wedding planning is fun, but it’s also a horrible pain in the ass sometimes!

  3. 5 BEL

    oh, i know how you feel! and i still have over a year to go. we had a super long engagement so i started out really excited, but i go through phases where it doesn’t interest me at all. i went into a bridal gown store the other day and saw my first monique lhuillier dress (which i can’t afford, but love in magazines) and thought “meh”. that’s when i knew i was in trouble! ha!

    • 6 budgetbeautiful

      It will pass. You do have a long time to go yet so it’s GOOD that you’re going through the “meh” phases. Otherwise you’d burn out for good a few months before the wedding and that’s no good!

  4. 7 Ashley

    Oh my gosh I am totally feeling this way! I am getting married in 2 months, but I really wish it were tomorrow just so I could be done with planning! I am so over all these details and more than anything trying to please every family member and coordinate everything. I am super excited for the actual day, but right now I am ready to be done with the planning…and trying to coordinate uncooperative people.

  5. 8 Kirsten

    Um, yeah. I have 2 months until my wedding and I don’t want to do a single thing more. I am going for my first dress fitting in a week and although I have lost 10 lbs this year, I am not where I wanted to be, so I am more nervous than excited. Plus, my fiance is English, so he has been over there since Christmas while we sort out his visa. This left me with pretty much all the planning to do, and although he is very supportive, it is crappy that he escaped having to register, pick the colors, the food, the vendors, etc. I am also a first-year teacher, so at the end of the day I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is pick out favors :-p So here’s to saying “the hell with it!” and daydreaming about the honeymoon.

  6. 9 Cassie

    I soooooo agree. My wedding is in 88 days, not that Im counting but on my wedding website it says so. And, of course, I had to update stuff today on there since invitations go out this week. Im so over it too. I cannot wait for my marriage to begin and not have to plan another detail for this wedding. And, to be honest…Im lucky b/c my venue is pretty much is an “all inclusive” type place. I only have to hire the photography and florist. But, all the small details I still have to make choices on, and my ability at this point has disminished! Not sure if its because I just dont care, or with every choice issues arise and have to be reconfigured or I have to just compromise on. It seems like I have become somewhat detached as well….oh well. 88 days and Im done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Planning….lol

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