The Playlist Part 7: Pre-Wedding Tunes


It helps to take a few days off wedding planning. I’ve had a productive day. Updated my address list as we’re taking the envelopes to MOH tomorrow so she can address them, I’ve tried on my wedding headpiece yet AGAIN as I love the way it looks, and now I’m working on fine-tuning my wedding playlists.

I’ve decided the easiest way to do this is to have three playlists. One for before the ceremony, our recessional/processional, and then after the wedding. This way all our DOC will have to do is hit play a couple times. For the pre-ceremony music I wanted a mix of genres. Some old fashioned love songs and some of our indie favorites. Here’s some of my favorites!

You Are Everything-The Stylistics
I’ve loved the Stylistics since I was a kid.

Brighter Than Sunshine-Aqualung
I LOVE Aqualung. Some of the best romantic songs out there.

You Are Not Alone-Michael Jackson
This is one of my favorite songs of his. Right after he passed away I listened to this song a lot.

The Last of The Famous International Playboys-Morrissey
My bridesmaid Michele and my sister are HUGE Morrissey fans. I’m somewhere in the middle (I think he’s a bit of a pretentious twat) but I can’t deny that he has one of the best voices in music.

All Is Full of Love-Bjork
FI hates Bjork, but I had to sneak her in there somewhere!

Quelqu’un M’a Dit-Carla Bruni
A lovely song by the first lady of France.

100,000 Fireflies-Magnetic Fields
If you’ve seen my previous playlists, this band is on just about every one. They are one of my alltime favorites.

Stars & Sons-Broken Social Scene

I Fall In Love Too Easily-Chet Baker

Don’t Panic-Coldplay
Yes, Jeremy and I are those people who knew about Coldplay before the rest of the world. We’re not really fans now (I like the odd song here and there, Jeremy hates them all) but their first album Parachutes is one of my favorite albums of all time. We’re considering using another song of theirs (Shiver) as our recessional.

Do You Realize?-The Flaming Lips
I think I’ve already told the story of running into Wayne Coyne on the street at SXSW two years ago, so I won’t tell it again.

Just Like Heaven-The Cure
It wouldn’t be our wedding without a heavy Cure presence. My older sister was a super fan as I was growing up, and I was the girl who loved the New Kids on the Block and the Cure when I was 13. They’re also one of Jeremy’s all-time favorite bands.

La La Love You-Pixies

I constantly amaze my co-workers when I start singing along to R&B songs that they think “only black people like”. I may be an indie rock girl now, but I grew up with R&B music thanks to the influence of my mother and my childhood best friend and her family. Maxwell is AWESOME. He has a new album out now!

Keane’s another band that I haven’t liked much of their recent efforts, but I will always love their earlier work.


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