My adorably wee shower


I got back from my shower a couple hours ago and it was really above and beyond my expectations. Nicole, my maid of honor did such a wonderful job! I feel very loved and a I’m on a little bit of a sugar high! Enough talk, I’ll show you some pictures!

She had streamers up on the windows and on her chandelier.

She had such a great spread for us. Crab cakes, chicken wings & biscuits, hummus & pita chips, a veggie tray, crab cakes and omgwtf AMAZING deviled eggs. See that there are only a few left on the table? That’s because they were CHEDDAR AND BACON DEVILED EGGS!

She made my favorite cake, red velvet!

The best thing though, was the cookies she made for me. Little adorable brownie bites, and look at these iced sugar cookies! She did such a great job on the cookies! She showed me one of her outtakes where she’d written ICING COOKIES IS HARD, because it took her a long time to do all of these!

I got a good haul, a crock pot, fondue maker, a bitchin’ spice rack, an adorable cappuccino mug set and various other awesome bits.

Nicole made my bow bouquet to take with me at the rehearsal. No, it doesn’t have very many bows on it, but today really made it clear that it’s not how MANY people you have in your life that care about you, but how much the people in your life care! I’m very touched that my maid of honor went to such trouble to throw such a wonderful shower for me and my family!

I’m off to stuff my invitation envelopes! W’hoo!


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