Out tha’ door!


Our invitations went in the mail today. One of the benefits of having a small wedding is that it took me less than an hour to assemble them! We had only the invite, reply card and reply envelope. I numbered the back of each reply card so in case I get any questionable responses, at least I’ll know who the knucklehead is!


My wonderful MOH Nicole addressed the envelopes for us. I’m pretty lucky, she did this for me and threw me a great bridal shower in the same week! I’d love to get something from the President & First Lady, but I don’t know if I will. Still, we had some extra invitations, so I figured, why not?

Jeremy wanted to drop them off in the box outside the post office where he works, but since the forecast is calling for rain, I made him drop them off inside. They should be arriving in mailboxes all over the country this week, I can’t wait to hear what people think of them!


One Response to “Out tha’ door!”

  1. Oh do you think President Obama would like an invitation from the UK?!?

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