Hopefully no more drama!


My mom told my aunt that the invitation was for her and my uncle only, not my almost 40 year old step-cousin. I haven’t heard if there was any more drama after that, but frankly I could care less. Never, EVER assume you are invited to anyone’s wedding unless the invitation has your damn name on it! I will never do this for as long as I live, I think once you’ve been a bride, you’ll always remember what a pain in the ass this part of the planning was, and try to take it easy on the brides of any future weddings you attend.

The only other feedback I’ve gotten about the invitations is that people really like them, and our choice of stamps for our reply envelope (The Simpsons!). So, hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying the guest list drama is hopefully over with.

I’m heading up to Maryland to have a brief visit with my parents and to meet my DOC to talk about the big day. I can’t believe that as of tomorrow I can tell people “I’m getting married next month!” Eep!


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  1. 1 Katie

    I’m a new reader, and I just experienced a similar situation. A friend said she was waiting to RSVP “in case she met someone.” There was no plus one on her invitation. I think I stuttered and fumbled for an answer, so I think she saw that I was somewhat taken aback and RSVPed for one pronto. I felt a little bad, but we had to leave out some of our own friends to keep the guest list in control.

  2. Yay, whoop for the calm and whoop for the comments. Well deserved!

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