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We are t-minus 26 days to the wedding and I look at blogs and message board posts of other September brides, and a lot of the things they’re freaking out over? I could not give a rat’s hoo-ha about. I shall list them thusly: -My hair/make-up. I’m not having professionals do my hair and make-up, […]

I’m in the process of finalizing our playlists and burning CD back-ups, which means it’s time for me to make up my effing mind about some certain important songs. I’ve waffled over the song that I’ve walked down the aisle and gone back and forth several times. I’ve gone for the eclectic (Pixies) dreamy (Sigur […]

Poufy Le Flouf.


I’m still bummed about the gorgeous dress I posted about yesterday (it’s here if you missed the post) not coming in my size. I got over it when I looked at my measurements and realized that even the largest size wouldn’t likely fit over my gargantuan boobs. Le SIGH. I’ve looked around on other sites […]

Am I nuts?


Since hurting my knee the other day, I’ve been off my exercise routine. This has me worried, since I’m getting married in a month and my dress doesn’t exactly fit. I don’t really want to stress out a week or two before the wedding, and I also don’t want to dreaded back cleavage one can […]

Since we live in Virginia and are getting married in Maryland, getting a marriage license was a tiny bit tricky for us. Last week we filled out the Maryland non-resident marriage application and took it to the courthouse in the city we live in. They first told us we had to have it notarized. Uh, […]

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ve noticed that this year has been the epitome of the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” I’ve had lots of drama and personal health issues. Well, add another one to my plate! Over the weekend I noticed a bump on my gums. I figured since I’m […]

With only a month and some change to go until the big day, I think I’m handling things pretty well. Jeremy and I are getting a lot done for the wedding, but it’s funny, we’ve both fallen back in love with The Beatles and have been spending a lot of out time watching Beatles shows […]