Gifts for my maids.


It’s been difficult for me to find gifts for my bridesmaids that I think they’d actually like. There’s a real emphasis on personalized gifts for the maids and men, and while I do like this trend, I don’t want to take it TOO far.

Before I continue, I want to ask my bridesmaids and MOH to just stay out of this post. I’ll know at the rehearsal dinner if you looked, as your poker faces aren’t the best. 😉 Save the surprise for the wedding, okay?

Now that that’s out of the way, let me show you what I’ve got so far!

Until a couple weeks ago, I’d only gotten them one gift, a personalized resort bag from NNICHOLS. Then a couple weeks ago I was at Ikea, home of the cheap wonderful everything! They had adorable frames in a myriad of colors, so I figured in lieu of a “thanks for being my bridesmaid” card, I would put a message in the frame, and that way it doubles as a gift. Unfortunately at my store they didn’t have a dark purple to match our wedding colors, so I got pink and green instead.

Their next gifts are make-up cases from The Dainty Squid on etsy. I figured this was a practical gift that they’d use, and unlike a lot of the ugly monogrammed make-up cases I’d seen in wedding magazines, these are actually pretty damned adorable, and very reasonably priced as well!


I’m planning on giving them one last gift, but I haven’t made up my mind yet as to what that will be. I know it won’t be jewelry, they all have varied tastes and I don’t want to give them one catch-all piece that they’ll wear for the wedding, but will never be seen again!

What are you getting your maids?


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