Our escort cards


Thanks to everyone who left comments about my dad, he was discharged yesterday and is doing well. He’ll be going to his regular doctor to rule out any additional problems, but I’m hoping he’ll be okay.

Since we’re starting to get response cards back, I figured it was time to start figuring out our seating plan and see if my plan for my escort cards will actually work. If you remember, I ordered mini-cards from moo.com. The back has various designs, and the front is white.

Here’s a photo of my test card, sorry for the quality!

Since the cards are so wee, I used Avery clear labels #5660, and they worked perfectly, no trimming required. By the way, I blatantly stole the Moo escort card idea from Mrs. Candy Corn on Weddingbee, so I need to give credit where it’s due!

After putting the label on the card I realized that the font’s a bit small, so I’ll increase it by 2 pts for the rest of the cards. The Scrabble tile was adhered with my favorite product on earth, adhesive roller. Obviously, unlike my test card the Scrabble tile will match up with the last letter of the guest’s name.

My original plan was to lay the Scrabble tiles on the card, but this way it’s easier to display, my DOC won’t have to hunt for each Scrabble tile for the guests’ last name as she lays them out, they can just lay them out as is.


2 Responses to “Our escort cards”

  1. Too Cute! I love the scrabble tile idea… My FI and I LOVE to play scrabble.

    I am so glad to hear that your Dad is doing better!!

  2. So cute! I really love the wooden scrabble tiles. Will definitely have a set of scrabble lying around at my wedding!

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