Books for planes, trains & autombiles


Unless you’re having a staycation for your honeymoon, odds are you’ll need some reading material to keep you occupied as you reach your destination, or depending on where you’re going, something to read as you’re lounging about.

We’re going to Las Vegas, so we won’t be spending too much time lounging about. We’re both frightfully pale, so I fear the harsh Nevada sun! We will be hitting the pool, but just not for hours at a time, as I’m not renting a cabana for $100+ a day, thanks!

So, here’s a list of books to try that are a bit different from the normal chick-lit recommendations that I often see given. Nothing against chick lit, I just don’t read much of it now that I’m approaching my mid-30’s. Oddly enough a lot of the recommendations below are books for teens and tweens. Guess I’m regressing.

The Mysterious Benedict Society-Trenton Lee Stewart
I just started the first book in this series last night and I’m already 100+ pages in. I haven’t felt this excited by a series of books since I discovered Harry Potter in 2000. Unlike Harry, the children in these books are not gifted magically, but mentally. They’re a bunch of super smart cookies enlisted by a kooky genius to stop an evil plot. There are two books in this series, the third comes out in October.

To Say Nothing Of The Dog-Connie Willis
This book is Jeremy’s. After I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife, I wanted to read more time travel books, so he recommended this book, as well as her previous book Doomsday Book. I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife, but it plays a bit fast and loose with the “rules” of time travel. Obviously, it doesn’t exist, but once you read these books, you’ll almost think it does. Both books are heart-felt and really funny.

It Sucked & Then I Cried-Heather B. Armstrong
Heather is the blogger at, and I discovered her book through her blog. She has a really witty style of writing and in this book talks openly about dealing with depression and raising her first child, Leta. If you read Heather’s blog, you know that baby Leta is five now, and probably the most gorgeous child on the planet. She gave birth to her second child a couple months ago, so I’m hoping another book is in the works!

A Great And Terrible Beauty-Libba Bray
This is the first book in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Gemma is a teenager in Victorian era England sent to a boarding school, and along the way discovers that she’s a witch.

Nightworld Series-LJ Smith
LJ Smith was recommended to me by a co-worker who shares my love of fantasy and sci-fi. LJ wrote The Vampire Diaries, which is now a new fall TV show on the CW. This series follows vampires, shapeshifters, etc. There are actually three books in this one book, so it’s pretty hefty.

What books are you taking with you on your honeymoon?


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  1. Love the tips! I am ashamed to say I usually buy my reads at the airport and are entirely based on whether they contain a secret society and special forces!

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