It doesn’t hurt to ask!


A couple days ago Jeremy told me he’d looked on and noticed that the room rate for our hotel in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay) had dropped significantly since we booked it back in February. The cost was now about $350 cheaper. His suggestion was to just lose our non-refundable deposit with Mandalay and book with expedia. I, with my stress addled brain, agreed. When I happened to mention this to my boss, she said, “Why not just call Mandalay directly and see if they’ll give you the same rate?”

Well, duh.

So, I sent Jeremy and e-mail and told him to try this first. He did, and the rate was changed with no hassle at all, and we already have the new confirmation with the lower rate. W’hoo! Now we can buy our tickets to Jersey Boys! We’ve already bought tickets to The Fab Four and we’ll probably be going to see Love and possibly The Popovich Pet Theater. Gregory Popovich and his daughter rescue animals from shelters and train them to be performers. Several of the animals in the show are cats!

Did you score any good deals for your honeymoon?


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