It pays to be nice.


Last week I helped a co-worker with a project. This woman is probably the craftiest person alive and makes gorgeous jewelry that I’m always admiring. She told me since I helped her she’d let me have a necklace I’d admired, which I thought was so nice. After wearing the necklace she gave me, I realized that this was the kind of piece I was looking for for my wedding. Something funky and colorful, not the traditional pearls and diamonds.

She stopped by my desk today to show me what necklace she was wearing and I word vomited all over, “Wouldyoumakeapieceformywedding?!” She was taken aback at first, and I don’t blame her. She and I are acquaintances (most people in my firm are, there are 400+ of us and we’re spread out over 10 floors) so I didn’t want her to feel obligated to make something for me. She first asked if I wanted to exchange what she gave me with another piece, then said, “Wait, that was a gift, I could make something.” I showed her my bio and she got very excited once she saw that my wedding wasn’t going to be the typical affair. Once she saw my dress, she said she knew exactly what she was going to make me and got very excited.

So, I’m going to have a custom necklace to wear at my wedding! She said she’d get back to me with the cost for supplies and labor, but I know she won’t overcharge me, she seemed really touched that I wanted her to make something for my wedding!

So, there’s a lesson here kids. It pays to be nice to people, because you never know when something awesome can come your way.


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  1. That’s amazing and very sweet. I ended up going the traditional route and love that I wore my mom’s pearls.

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