Not too much to talk about.


I have meetings with vendors this weekend and I honestly wish I could muster up the courage to give a damn, but I can’t. Is it horrible I could honestly care less about my ceremony. I’m leaving most of it up to our reverend. The photos I care more about, but honestly, my give a damn with this wedding is done and done. That said, I was buoyed by Meg’s post at A Practical Wedding about Post Wedding Freedom. I’m in the home stretch. I will be feeling what she’s feeling in about six weeks. W’hoo!

Also, I had the chance to re-read The Sulla Tips this week, and if you haven’t already, please give them a read. There is a whole lot of common sense there!

Next week I should be able to share information about our ceremony, photos, and hopefully my wedding necklace if not next week but the week after, my co-worker is going to work on it this weekend! Now if only people would finish sending in their damn RSVP’s so I can start making up my escort cards, it’d be great. So far we only have about a third of them in!

An unrelated question: does anyone have any recommendations for a good foundation to cover up blemishes? Finding my day of make-up is still on my to-do list, and when I’m stressed, I break out, so my face is full of zits I want to cover up on the day.


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  1. I’m not a makeup pro. But I never had great skin and wanted to apply my own makeup. I started practicing how to put on makeup for the wedding. A Sephora consultant recommended HD foundation.
    I used Laura Mercier tinted foundation and Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. I found the coverage to be pretty good.

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