The final countdown!


Do you have that song stuck in your head now? Because I do. Yesterday we went up to our venue to meet with a couple vendors. We were surprised to find the venue pretty empty. Every Sunday our venue has an open house, both for the public to take a look at the historic house, but also for potential brides and grooms to check it out. When we went there previously it was crawling with brides! We pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was pretty cool.

Firstly we met with our officiant. Well, not him directly as unfortunately he also works as a chaplain and had something come up, but his wife, who works with him. You know how you meet people and you instantly like them? Janet Weeks is one of those people. She put us at ease instantly. We’re both pretty nervous about the ceremony, but Jeremy especially. She understood what we were going for. A short, meaningful ceremony that’s different from the traditional “in richer, poorer, blah, blah” but not not so customized that we were writing our vows, because neither of us were interested in that. They’re customizing one of their ceremonies to fit us, and we’ll also be including a reading. They’re sending us over the ceremony to make any changes, but there probably won’t be many. I’ll be glad to have that checked off our list!

Right after we finished up with Janet, our photographer Jenni arrived. Believe it or not, but we’d never met before yesterday. I think I talked briefly about our photographer woes, but I’ll recap it briefly here. We had originally chosen Jocelyn Mathewes to be our photographer, back when our date was going to be in November. Well, we were about to send in our contract when she told us she was pregnant. Well, shucks. Obviously we were thrilled for Jocelyn and her husband, but we couldn’t help but be disappointed. Jocelyn graciously offered to do our engagement session for us for free to make up for her not being able to shoot our wedding, which I think went above and beyond what she had to do.

Anyway, getting back to the point. After knowing that Jocelyn wouldn’t be able to shoot our day, we looked around for other suggestions. I had run-ins with photographers who thought they were too cool for school, that were overpriced and had hidden fees, and one was just flat out rude. So I was reaching the point where I was just going to hand out cameras and have our guests shoot the day when I went back and looked at some posts on the Baltimore board of the Knot. One name crept over and over again, and that name was Jenni’s. So, we made plans to meet back in January, but I woke up feeling like shit on that day, and I had reached that point that we all do in our planning when I just didn’t care anymore. I knew in my heart that Jenni would work for us. She had a reputation of being kind and a hard worker, and her prices are incredibly reasonable. So, we booked without having met her.

Meeting her in person I knew I made the right choice. She’s very friendly and was up for any of my suggestions, including trekking out into the woods behind the mansion through the overgrown shrubbery to get some nature shots of just Jeremy and I. W’hoo! We actually discovered a bench and an archway out in the woods, so I know we weren’t the first people to think of this. She loved our venue and had great ideas for getting gorgeous photographs. When I told her all of our ideas for the wedding she thought they were very creative, so yay! I love hearing that from wedding professionals who see several weddings a month.

I left feeling energized for our wedding, which is a good thing as it’s 1 month and 9 days away! Eeek!


2 Responses to “The final countdown!”

  1. I’m glad you found a good photographer – it’s so important! 😉

  2. Whoop for energy and a photographer!

    P.S. I love that song!

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