Intimate weddings: selfish?


Yesterday I was talking about the wedding with one of my co-workers about the wedding, which is something I haven’t done in awhile since they’re not invited, so I don’t like to bring it up. When they bring up the wedding, I usually change the subject. Somehow she got me on the subject, and when she asked how many people were coming, I told her about 40, and we were looking forward to an intimate wedding. Her response? “You’re very selfish to have such a small wedding.”

Excuse me, but what?

She elaborated to say that we should share our wedding with everyone, and by inviting so few, we’re selfish people. I was still trying to figure out the logic on that one when she asked me what kind of champagne we were having for our toasts. Um, none, because we’re not having toasts. That provoked an extreme reaction. “IT’S NOT A WEDDING WITHOUT TOASTS.” I responded that we’re not having any traditions at our wedding, and yes, it is very much OUR wedding, thank you very much. She wouldn’t listen to me, and waved me off with her hand like I was crazy for not doing all those things at my wedding.

I’m still pretty steamed about that conversation! The more I thought about it, the more mad I became, so suffice to say I’m keeping my distance from this person for a few days. I guess she was offended because she realized she wasn’t getting an invitation (she already told me she can’t come, so I don’t get that) and just felt it necessary to rip into me. I’m SO GLAD I’m not inviting any people from work, because I know they’d all sit there making remarks about how our wedding wasn’t a wedding in their eyes because it didn’t include antiquated traditions.

How did you deal with negative reactions to your wedding plans?


3 Responses to “Intimate weddings: selfish?”

  1. Bleurgh, whilst you are entitled to your opinions silly people. You are silly! How on earth are you selfish?!?!!

    I am having the opposite trouble with my father at the moment – he thinks it should be just me and my boy!

  2. Woah. that woman is CRAZY.

  3. Woah. That woman is a CRAZY.

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