My one of a kind wedding necklace


Jewelry for the wedding was low on my priority list. I bought one necklace from a co-worker and while it’s nice, it’s not what I was looking for. I’m just not a pearls and diamonds king of girl. I prefer a funkier look.

As I mentioned last week, one of my other co-workers designs very funky necklaces and I asked her to make one for me. I’m SO PLEASED with the result. I mean how can I not? I’m wearing a one of a kind piece made just for me! Since this necklace is funky and a “statement piece”, it will be the only jewelry I’m wearing. Want to see it? Here’s a crappy iphone picture!


The beads are dark purple with a hint of red veined through, which matches my dark purple and burgundy bouquet. The accent pieces are amethyst, I believe?

Best news of all for this budget bride is that she’s only asking for money to cover her supplies and photos of me wearing it on the wedding day!


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