Will it ever end?!


If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ve noticed that this year has been the epitome of the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” I’ve had lots of drama and personal health issues. Well, add another one to my plate!

Over the weekend I noticed a bump on my gums. I figured since I’m due back in to the dentist the first week of September, I’d get it checked out then. WELL, this morning I noticed the bump was now the size of a baby pea. Googling did not help my weariness (it could be anything from an abscess to cancer) so I called my dentist. If you’re in DC, Dr. Mark Rusk is the MAN. He got me in right away and told me at first that I’d need another root canal. Well, then upon closer inspection he said that wasn’t the case and I’d in fact need oral surgery to remove a bit of root from my wisdom teeth (long since broken off). So, here I am, one month out from the wedding, my dental insurance nearly tapped and having to pay to have oral surgery.

When I told my boss when I could get in for the oral surgery, (next Tuesday) she responded, “They can’t get you in until then?!” Then she paused and said, “Oh wait, next week is September, so that’s not bad.”

Yes, folks. Next week is September. I’m getting married in September. I’ve just accepted that September is going to be very stressful. Luckily, when I’m stressed, I lose my appetite, so I shouldn’t have to worry about fitting in my dress! On top of the surgery, at work I have to order calendars for the entire firm (400+ people) so they’ll come in right before the wedding. UGH. Although I will say my boss and her boss took my concerns to heart and we’re ordering them earlier than we normally would, otherwise I’d come back from my honeymoon to a thousand+ calendars waiting to be sorted!

Oh yeah, and my knee is hurting today too. $%^! My body needs to keep it together until the first week of October!


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