One major check!


Since we live in Virginia and are getting married in Maryland, getting a marriage license was a tiny bit tricky for us. Last week we filled out the Maryland non-resident marriage application and took it to the courthouse in the city we live in. They first told us we had to have it notarized. Uh, no. We didn’t. So after phone calls to three courthouses in Maryland (the first two didn’t even pick up the phone, what the hell?) we found out that they only needed to sign off on it, then we’d just mail it. Well, after some arguing, they finally said they wouldn’t do that unless we were both there. UGH. I’m pretty maxed out on my PTO and I can’t miss one day until the wedding unless I want to get some serious grief about it, so that wasn’t going to work.

So, we went to plan B, which unfortunately meant that Jeremy had to drive up to Maryland to get the license. We live about two and a half hours away from my home town. Luckily he left right after he dropped me off at the train station this morning and was in and out in twenty minutes. YAY. I’m so relieved that he was able to get it done, and will be home in enough time to enjoy the rest of his day off. Sometimes it does come in handy having a fiance who has a day off during the week!

As for me, my tooth problems seem to be under control. I had a dream last night that my mouth was expanding as fast as I could breathe, and when I woke up, the entire right side of my face had ballooned up! Yikes. Nothing like that has happened so far, so I’m going to ask the oral surgeon if this procedure is urgent or if it can wait until October, after the wedding, and more importantly, when I’m on Jeremy’s insurance. We’ll see how that goes.

My knee is still giving me problems, but I’ve sussed out that it’s probably due to too vigorous of a stretch from my workout on Monday. It’s bengayed up, and I’m hoping the limp will go away by the end of the week. The wedding is in one month, so I honestly hope this is the end of my calamities!


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  1. Glad the license worked out! Luckily NY made it somewhat easy for us – we filled out the paperwork online and were able to just wait in line for the license.

    I am SO glad to be married and moving to London. I haven’t found a job there yet but am under British health care. I really do miss health insurance.

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