Am I nuts?


Since hurting my knee the other day, I’ve been off my exercise routine. This has me worried, since I’m getting married in a month and my dress doesn’t exactly fit. I don’t really want to stress out a week or two before the wedding, and I also don’t want to dreaded back cleavage one can get squeezing into a dress that’s too small. So, I was thinking of just buying the larger size, then selling the smaller dress, since I’m a genius who thought of this after the return period has passed.

Well, I just had to look around at other websites, didn’t I? I found this dress:


and I can’t stop thinking about it! I can even get a pink crinoline slip!

I know I’ve lost my mind, because if I buy it, it will be the THIRD wedding dress I’ve bought. But, if I do get it, I still will have spent less than the $700 I budgeted for ONE dress, and I should be able to sell the first two dresses, probably not what I paid for them, but I’d get a little chunk of change.

So: am I nuts? Would you get the dress?

Edit: My mom just forwarded me the measurements that we took back in March to order my first dress, and sadly, the largest size comes closest to what I need and it’s backordered. DAMN YOU, FASIONABLE PLUS-SIZED BRIDES WHO BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH! That said, I’m still looking around for fashionable tea-length dresses, and I’m buying a tea length crinoline so no matter the dress I’ll have some pouf!


3 Responses to “Am I nuts?”

  1. That dress is freaking gorgeous! If it’s going to make you comfortable and feel beautiful, then do it…who cares if you’ve bought 3, you’d still be under the budget.

  2. Have you looked for that dress on eBay? Maybe you can find it there for an even lower price?

  3. That dress is freaking gorgeous! If it's going to make you comfortable and feel beautiful, then do it…who cares if you've bought 3, you'd still be under the budget.;. All the best!!

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