Poufy Le Flouf.


I’m still bummed about the gorgeous dress I posted about yesterday (it’s here if you missed the post) not coming in my size. I got over it when I looked at my measurements and realized that even the largest size wouldn’t likely fit over my gargantuan boobs. Le SIGH. I’ve looked around on other sites for dresses I like as much, but if I find them, they’re too expensive or I wouldn’t be able to get them in time. I did contact David’s Bridal to see if I can exchange my current dress for a larger size, but I’m not feeling too optimistic about that. So, we’ll see. I’m planning on giving it a few days and thinking about what I’ll do.

I do know that I’m going to have a short dress, so I went ahead and bought a crinoline to wear under the dress to give it a big of oompf. They have gorgeous pink and purple crinolines, but they’re a bit too much flouf for me. Also, the crinoline I bought is just above the knee, so this will mean I won’t have to hike it up under my boobs to hit me at the right point, since I’m short.

If anyone has some links for plus-size tea length dresses, I’d love to see them. I think I’ve scoured every site I know of!


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  1. Oh boobs! I know what you mean. Oh to wear pretty vintage dresses or even a dress without a v neckline, fabulously beautiful lingerie and maybe run properly! Obviously the grass is always greener but…

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