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This morning I wrote my “last post as a single girl” on my local board on the Knot, and I teared up a bit. It seems like just yesterday I was starting my planning, and now the day is almost upon us. I’m….excited and tearful, I guess is the right way to describe it? This […]

I have to admit that my wedding planning has had only a small dose of drama. The biggest drama in my planning was in regards to my dress, which I’ll be picking up on Wednesday, and hopefully everything will be good there. Most of my drama has occurred outside of wedding planning, and whoo doggy […]

The latest drama to land in my lap this month? My computer is D-E-D. On Thursday I downloaded the Windows Vista Service Pack 2. I didn’t turn on the computer yesterday, but when I did today, it just froze on me. I was typing an e-mail to our photographer and the cursor kept disappearing, then […]

I lied.


When I said I didn’t care about the weather? I was lying. Well, not at the time. I didn’t really care. But after meeting with my caterer and DOC, it occurred to me that the weather IS important. My vendors need to know what I want them to do if the weather is bad. So, […]

Back in January I bought five apothecary jars off a Baltimore knottie who had gotten married and was looking to get rid of them. Only four made it with us during our move, so they’ll be on our dessert table (and up for sale after the wedding if you’re in DC/VA!) This project was super […]

Two weeks from today I will be moments from walking down the aisle. So it’s about time that I finalize my playlists. Today I’ll share the few songs that will be playing as guests arrive. This playlist is about 40 minutes long, which is a bit longer than we need. Just Like Heaven-The Cure An […]

Light posting


With the wedding being two and a half weeks away, I don’t know if I can commit to posting much up until the day. I’m trying to get all this last minute stuff done and also pretty busy at work! So, I will try to post at least a couple times before the big day, […]