I’ve accepted that I will be a fat bride.


The other day I read A Fat Bride Survival Guide and it struck a chord with me. When I’d gotten engaged, I’d told myself I’d get down to a size 10 and I’d look fabuuuuulous on my wedding day!

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

2009 has been one of the most stressful years I’ve ever lived through, even aside from planning a wedding. On top of that, I have a really long commute. I’m gone from 6:45 am-7:30 PM every day. Frankly, when I get home, I honestly don’t feel like working out. I want to relax with my fiance for the few hours a day we do get to spend together. When I’m stressed, food is my comfort. So, you can imagine that instead of losing weight, I’ve been gaining it. I’ve probably gained 10 lbs. since Jeremy and I moved in together. We are one of those couples who is happy and fat. We’ve found the “one” so who needs to impress anyone anymore?

We do workout as a couple, but we’re not doing what we should be doing, which is probably an hour a night. It’s just not happening. I’m still hoping to tone up a bit before the day and lose a bit of my gutulence, but I will be happy regardless. I will also be buying a size 16 dress and I’m okay with that. The size 14 zips up most of the way, but it just doesn’t fit, and unless I starve myself in the weeks leading up the wedding, it just wont. The size 16 will. I will look lovely on my wedding day. I will have arm fat and a gut, but I’ll be who I am. I’ve been fat all my life, so my wedding photos might as well reflect that, instead of a woman I don’t really recognize. My fiance and family accept me for the way I am, so I guess it’s time I started to as well.


7 Responses to “I’ve accepted that I will be a fat bride.”

  1. Fat is an ugly word.

    Just because you may be overweight does not mean you won’t look beautiful. Yes fashion dictates a size which is perfect yet this has nothing to do with beauty.

    You will look wondrous!

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      Thank you, Anna. I really appreciate all the positive comments you leave for me, you’re such a gem.

  2. Love it!! That’s so fantastic. There’s enough bs to stress about when planning a wedding, trying to change your weight adds so much unnecessary stress! I’m totally with you here girl. Be who you are and love who you are and that’s it. Yay!

  3. 4 budgetbeautiful

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. 5 Pamela

    I’ll be wearing a dress that is several sizes larger than yours and I’m still going to rock it!

    I’m sure you’re going to look fantastic and you’ll have a great day, no matter what size you happen to be wearing.

  5. Your marrying the man you love, I can’t see how a person wouldn’t look amazing regardless of size. Whatever you do don’t starve yourself, when you look back on your photo you want to see yourself, not someone you thought you needed to be.
    Anyway it not the size that matters its all about dressing the shape you have to show off your best assets.

  6. 7 Michele

    I think you’re absolutely gorgeous just the way you are!

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