Alrighty then.


I went ahead and bought the Nordstrom dress. It was hands-down most people’s favorite, and I think it will really show off my curves, and my headband will match perfectly.

After some debate, I also bought the Daisy dress as well. It is a bit more casual than I was going for, but it is so effing precious and I think it would look even more so with a crinoline. I’m hoping the Nordstrom dress works for the actual wedding, then I’ll wear the Daisy dress as my rehearsal dinner dress, complete with crinoline. I paid for rush shipping on both, so I’m hoping I’ll have both dresses in hand by this time next week!

Best of all, if the Daisy dress doesn’t work out, I’m just going to exchange it for this dress and wear it at the RD!

If neither dress works out, I do have trusty David’s Bridal, there are a couple dresses there that would work. They ship incredibly fast on their regular shipping, and if I rush it, I could have it here overnight. I was so stressing about this last night and now I feel 100% better. I’m also glad to know I’m not the only bride who did this, Miss Mary Jane at Weddingbee changed her mind more times than me before deciding on a dress. There is no shame in this, ladies! Buy, buy, buy, then return what doesn’t work!


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