Another easy DIY project


Back in January I bought five apothecary jars off a Baltimore knottie who had gotten married and was looking to get rid of them. Only four made it with us during our move, so they’ll be on our dessert table (and up for sale after the wedding if you’re in DC/VA!)

This project was super easy, and took us 15 minutes to do. The only supplies needed are ribbon and small tent cards. You don’t have to use tent cards, you could simply adhere a label or glue a piece of card stock to the ribbon. Tent cards worked for us, because they sit nicely on the ribbon. Slide one side under the ribbon and you’re good to go. We used Zots to adhere the ribbon to the jars.

Here’s two shots of the jars:

Two of the larger jars which will hold cookies from Sanders Cookie Jar.

Here’s all four of them. The two smaller jars will hold candy and popcorn we purchased at Target over the weekend.

If you notice, not all the ribbons are exactly level with each other. This is because we had our f*ck it moment long ago! We doubt anyone will comment on this, and if for some reason they do, they can suck it.


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