I lied.


When I said I didn’t care about the weather? I was lying. Well, not at the time. I didn’t really care. But after meeting with my caterer and DOC, it occurred to me that the weather IS important. My vendors need to know what I want them to do if the weather is bad. So, I started weather stalking. Accuweather has a 15 day forecast, and the entire time has been forecasting sunny skies for wedding day. Yesterday we transitioned into the 10 day forecast, so I started checking weather.com as well.

So far, so good. All reports are calling for sunny skies and high 60’s on wedding day. I’m not going to celebrate yet, as we’re still nine days away. The only downside to this forecast is that rain is called for almost all of next week, so that had me re-thinking our plans to get married on the mansion’s grounds. If it’s muddy and gross, I don’t want my guests to sink in the grass (although I won’t, I have solemates) and for my satin dress to get water stained.

So, this takes our plans A & B into somewhat more complicated areas. If the grounds are mushy, we’ll get married on the covered portico, which is still outside, so that’s good. I’m also concerned that the temperatures will dip into the mid or low 60’s, and if they do, I don’t want an outdoor reception, kthanx. I’m wearing a sleeveless dress, as are my bridesmaids. I don’t want to shiver!

So, I know they’ll probably think I’m a little OCD when they get this e-mail, but here are my plans:

Plan A: Weather is above 65 degrees and sunny, and grass is dry. Ceremony held on lawn, reception on portico.

Plan B: Grass is wet. OR it is raining hard enough to prevent an outdoor ceremony. Ceremony on portico, reception inside.

Plan C: It is below 65 degrees and sunny, grass is not wet. Ceremony on the lawn, reception inside.

Plan D: It’s raining heavily or the weather is otherwise awful. Ceremony inside, and reception inside.

I’m reassuring myself with the fact that I’ve been a pretty calm bride up to this point and they’ve told me that we’re “easy” to work with. I hope this doesn’t change their opinion of me, but on the other hand, I am paying them so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for what I want.


2 Responses to “I lied.”

  1. Nobody like a muddy dress and everyone likes to be organized (or at least for their wedding). The girls may not remember it exactly so SMSes may also be a good bet. Everyone will find the scenarios useful and it’s your day!

  2. 2 Michele

    Man, I wish I had known about those Solemates! It’s too late for me to order them now. Oh well!

    I think your plans are all very good and reasonable.

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