The best lesson I’ve learned so far


I have to admit that my wedding planning has had only a small dose of drama. The biggest drama in my planning was in regards to my dress, which I’ll be picking up on Wednesday, and hopefully everything will be good there. Most of my drama has occurred outside of wedding planning, and whoo doggy has there been a lot of it!

Still, even without drama, I’ve taken a lot away from this experience. I’ve learned that there is very little in life that’s worth getting upset over. I have to imagine if a year ago I’d lost my wallet, had dental calamities where the antibiotics caused me even more sickness, gotten a terrible cold and had my computer crash all within the span of two weeks, I would have had a meltdown of epic proportions. I’m not going to lie and say these things didn’t upset me, but instead of worrying, like I would’ve done, I’ve let it go. I can’t control situations that are outside of my reach, so why let it get to me?

I’ve taken this approach to my wedding. I know there will be awkwardness of being the center of attention and having to deal with people I don’t like, and seeing family I do like, that I haven’t seen in years. Things are not going to go as planned. The linens could be wrong. We’ll probably forget something. It could very well rain. But no matter any of that, Jeremy and I will be married at the end of the day.

I’m hoping that going forward I’ll remember this life lesson and not let the little things get to me.


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