The moment before it all began.


The five minutes before I walked down the aisle were pretty damn excruciating. I was upstairs with my bridal party and waiting to be called downstairs. Some of the guests wandered upstairs to use the bathroom, and I have to admit I was kind of annoyed at them seeing in my dress before I walked down the aisle, but I was too frazzled to say so.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, I sent my mother downstairs to tell everyone we were ready, so everyone needed to be seated fer crissakes. The next few minutes were a bit of a blur. When I went downstairs, my groom and groomsmen were no where to be found. I asked where they were. No response. I had my one moment all day where I lost it, and said “WHERE ARE THE GROOMSMEN?!” My DOC’s assistant told me to look out the window, they were all walking outside with the reverend. This was not how I planned it, but I didn’t care, it was nice. And a bit surreal, looking out the mansion’s windows seeing my groom and all our guests assembled.

Then my in-laws went down the aisle, then my mother. She almost face planted, and I saw everyone kind of reach for her, but I couldn’t process that at the time. Finally the girls went and the doors closed. It was time to go. And I started to cry as my music started. It was the one time all day that I actually cried. Then I looked down and saw that my father was stepping on my dress. I told him this, he stepped to the side, and then it was my turn to go.

Unfortunately I’d forgotten my sole-mates to keep me from sinking into the grass, and I was wearing flip-flops, which made the dress a bit too long. And I stepped out and almost face-planted myself. Freaked out, I moved so quickly down the aisle to avoid being the bride that fell down the aisle. We only made it through the first verse of the song before I was there.

During our pictures I kept saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE I ALMOST FELL.” Then my sister told me, “Mom almost bit it too.” And then I laughed. I was the bride who almost fell down the aisle, who had her mother almost fall down the aisle, who is now nick-named Firebutt for how fast I moved down that aisle. I’m honestly amazed I have any photos of me walking down the aisle where I’m not looking down, but here’s one:



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