Everything else


This post features everything else that I wanted to highlight about our wedding. Photos of our reception, some of my favorite formals and candid shots. Once again, all photos are copyright Jennifer Combs of Forever-Yesterday Photography.

The loot! I don’t recall posting about it before, but my father made the card box. It’s now serving purpose as a jewelry box!

Posing inside the mansion.

At the reception!

We didn’t do a lot of traditional things at our wedding, but our coordinator thought it would be cute for us to cut a cupcake and serve it to each other, so we did!

Our shoes!

Hope you liked all the photos from our big day!


3 Responses to “Everything else”

  1. Your wedding looks FAB!!! 🙂 xox Mrs.UBB

  2. I love your dress. You certainly made a beautiful bride.

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