The Ceremony & Other Outdoorsy Shots


Even though I vowed never to be one of those brides who became obsessed with the weather on her wedding day, I was. It rained on the days leading up to my wedding, and on my wedding day itself. I got so lucky that it held off for my ceremony and other outdoors photos. Looking back, I couldn’t have asked for better weather for our wedding. Sure, a little sunlight would have been nice, but we were married at noon. If the sun had been high in the sky, our photos would have been full of people squinting. I loved the overcast look in our photos, everything looks so green, and the purple in our bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s ties really pops.

All photos are copyright Jennifer Combs of Forever-Yesterday Photography.

A shot of our ceremony with our venue, Liriodendron Mansion, in the background.

A shot of our ceremony with the woods in the background.

Walking back down the aisle. I LOVE this shot, everything looks so green!

Walking back up the aisle as husband and wife!

Our wedding party coming back up the aisle.

With our wedding party on the mansions’ front steps.

With our wedding party on the grounds of the mansion.

With all of our wedding guests

With my bridesmaids during cocktail hour.

One of my favorite black and white shots.


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