Wrapping it up


Since I will be celebrating my six-month anniversary later this month, I figured it was time to get the rest of my wedding photos up. I have accepted the fact that my give-a-damn to get recaps up is permanently broken, but I figured I owed it to the brides who read my blog to show them what our wedding looked like. I know many of you have gotten married yourselves or moved on when I stopped updating, but I figured it would be nice to have photos of the wedding up for those new brides that stop by, or for the few of you still hanging around.

I have moved on in more ways than one! I am working on a novel, working part-time at my job, and most importantly: closing on a house at the end of March. We will be so glad to get settled in and hopefully the next step will be the patter of little feet (first in the form of a four legged canine friend, then a two legged human child)! Thanks to all of you who followed along with me on the journey down the aisle. I wish all future brides the best in their planning!


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