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In case you’re wondering, I wanted to give an update on how my wedding dress is fitting. When I got it about three weeks ago, it zipped up about as far as the small of my back. I tried it on the other day and I can proudly say it’s now zipping a good inch […]

When I’m stressed, I’m a bad eater. I’ve inherited from my father the awful habit of downing a container of ice cream in nearly one sitting. This is not good. Yet I was surprised that when I finally weighed myself for the weight loss race that my bridesmaids and I are running, I’ve actually lost […]

If you’ve spent any time at all on any of the the more practical wedding planning sites, you’d know that bridesmaids dresses are a wonderful alternative for those of us who have no desire to pay five figures plus for our wedding dresses. I’ve been a fan of Jenny Yoo’s for awhile now. I love […]

I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by saying “gyms are expensive!” because I think that statement is pretty obvious. Sure, there are good deals that you can get, but most people that I know who have gym memberships don’t go as often as they should, so thus it’s money wasted. Don’t get me wrong, […]