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Yesterday my boss told me a story of a woman that works at our firm that has a $25,000 engagement ring. She took it off to wash her hands, and forgot to put it back on. She realized as soon as she returned to her office, she realized it was gone, so she went back […]

Yesterday the boy and I went engagement ring shopping. While I was looking forward to it on the one hand, I was dreading it on the other. I dislike high pressure sales tactics that I often have felt at when shopping for jewelry and other high ticket items. I’m not the type to waste salespeople’s […]

I am pretty frugal by nature. But there are a few things in life worth spending extra for. A really good bra. I am blessed in the breast region, so this means that it can be difficult to find a bra that will actually fit me. Last December I went to Coup De Foudre in […]



I would be lying if I called myself a hipster. I can’t be bothered to spend so much time trying to be different. I know that Urban Outfitters tends to cater to hipsters (or at least those are the only people I tend to see in the store when I’m there) but I can’t deny […]

Okay, not a lot of money, but I still make a bit of extra pocket change. My mother is very much Queen Bargain Hunter. She is very much all about saving money. We went to Target together last weekend and I spent a lot. She bought a few things, and then at the register whipped […]