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Seeing that I’ve been married for over a year and a half and haven’t made any updates here in quite some time, I thought it would be obvious that this blog was dead. But I’m still getting comments and e-mails in regards to this blog, so I figured it was time to put up a […]

Vendor Reviews


I’m cut and pasting my vendor reviews from my Knot bio, so if there is any wonky formatting, I apologize. A lot of my vendors were local to the Baltimore area-but a lot weren’t! Etsy was a wonderful resource throughout my planning process, and I also ended up using national vendors for my invitations, flowers, […]

Everything else


This post features everything else that I wanted to highlight about our wedding. Photos of our reception, some of my favorite formals and candid shots. Once again, all photos are copyright Jennifer Combs of Forever-Yesterday Photography. The loot! I don’t recall posting about it before, but my father made the card box. It’s now serving […]

Even though I vowed never to be one of those brides who became obsessed with the weather on her wedding day, I was. It rained on the days leading up to my wedding, and on my wedding day itself. I got so lucky that it held off for my ceremony and other outdoors photos. Looking […]

Here are how some of those details I slaved over looked on wedding day! All of these photos are credited to Jennifer Combs at Forever-Yesterday Photography. My bouquet and my girls’. My bouquet is currently residing on our coffee table in a vase. That’s one of the benefits of going with silk! Custom pencils & […]

Wrapping it up


Since I will be celebrating my six-month anniversary later this month, I figured it was time to get the rest of my wedding photos up. I have accepted the fact that my give-a-damn to get recaps up is permanently broken, but I figured I owed it to the brides who read my blog to show […]

I do promise that I will come back here and finish up with our wedding recaps. Life is a bit nutty right now, as Jeremy and I are looking to purchase our first house! That said, I did want to pass along a link, as Kristin from Twin Ravens Press blogged about our invitations! Her […]