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I love everything bridal. I love brides. Well, most brides. The brides I’m not so fond of are the ones who get so caught up in “!” and they lose all concepts of reality and turn into, for lack of a better word, bridezillas and freak out over stupid things. There are very few things […]

When the boy and I started dating, it only took about a month before I started looking at wedding websites to get an idea of what I would like for our day. My ideas have changed a few times, but I’m glad I did this because I really thought I would be overwhelmed by it […]

Our wedding is exactly one year from today. This is kind of scary, especially when I look at girls on my wedding club board on the Knot, who have their dresses, florists, started their DIY, etc. I try and make myself remember that most of them are having much grander affairs than me, and most […]

I haven’t been around much this week, and that’s mainly because I’ve been spending time following politics and not as much time on weddings! That said, I present you with the next Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight. Today we focus on the fabulous Beau-Coup. Beau Coup sells wedding ephemera of all types, although the main part […]

As I’ve mentioned before, I am not the most handy-dandy DIY bride out there. I am impatient. I have two left hands. I can only handle a small amount of DIY before I want to scream. That said, craft stores can be excellent resources not only for the more challenging DIY projects, but for practical […]

I have another Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight coming up later today or tomorrow, but I wanted to take a minute to discuss a few random items. This morning I was surprised to see another photographer that I’m considering (although I hadn’t blogged about yet because I am a forgetful cow) featured on A Practical Wedding! […]

I’ve loved the Oriental Trading catalog since I was a kid. I loved looking at the wide array of well, for lack of a better word, crap. That said, they do carry a lot of junky items, but if you can get past that, there are some gems there as well. At my last job […]