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I would be lying if I called myself a hipster. I can’t be bothered to spend so much time trying to be different. I know that Urban Outfitters tends to cater to hipsters (or at least those are the only people I tend to see in the store when I’m there) but I can’t deny […]

As I mentioned last week, the new Ikea catalog recently came out, and for me it recalls the childhood joy of when the Sears Christmas book would arrive every September.  With Ikea the dream is reachable. Their items are affordable, especially to furnish a first home stylishly without breaking the bank. Right now I lack […]

Budget Living


I guess I should call this post “the before shots”. I am partially happy with how my apartment looks, but right now I lack the funds to turn it into something worthy of the pages of Domino Magazine. Here are a few photos of my place, and while I can’t say that it’s totally “budget […]