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I do promise that I will come back here and finish up with our wedding recaps. Life is a bit nutty right now, as Jeremy and I are looking to purchase our first house! That said, I did want to pass along a link, as Kristin from Twin Ravens Press blogged about our invitations! Her […]

You’ll have to excuse me for any typos, I had a REALLY painful root canal this morning and I’m currently hopped up on happy pills. Let’s hope I get all my medical calamities out of the way now so I’m good to go for September! Anyway! Once I got news that my FMIL put the […]

I just got photos from Kristin at Twin Ravens Press, our invitations are done! I’m really pleased with how they turned out. Simple and elegant. While I like a lot of contemporary invitations, I knew that I probably wouldn’t in ten years time. Why does this matter? Well, my parents wedding invitation has been hanging […]

Totally random.


-I got word that our invitations are almost done and should be shipping out shortly! Eeeeeeeeee! I should be getting a photo soon! :dances in anticipation: -If you’re like me and thinking of investing in a Bose system to use for your wedding reception (and afterward) go here. I’m leaning towards the portable system, that […]

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a lover of letterpress, and the choice of my invitation vendor was not one that I took lightly. There are a few really great letterpress designers out there that I wish I could have given all of them my business because they were […]

I’ve been a busy little bee in the past week! -Went to the Paper Source store in Georgetown and got my place cards in luxe blush, which is the perfect pale, pale pink I’m going for. I also got some other papers in this color for other projects I’m working on, and my MOH and […]

Since the search term that drives most readers here is “affordable letterpress” I thought I’d talk a little bit more about it. Affordable letterpress is a bit of an oxymoron. It’s a like saying affordable Prada bag. It doesn’t exist-unless it’s a knock-off or used. You’re paying a price for luxury, so there’s no need […]