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In the wed-o-verse, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the wedding porn out there.  It’s also very easy to feel like your wedding won’t live up to others. Frankly I’m not really concerned about this, but sometimes I do get the “why can’t I have a $50,000 wedding blues”, even though I […]

Wedding Porn


After some antibotics, 800 mg of motrin and a root canal, I’m feeling better, but whoo daddy has it been a week, and not just in my mouth, there’s been other crap to deal with. So to take my mind of that crap, here are some of my wedding “favorite things”, to steal from Martha. […]

Real Wedding


It’s easy to fall in love with all the gorgeous weddings posted in the wedding blogosphere (ugh, I hate that word). Sadly, most of the time I’m left thinking, “Gee, that’s lovely, but I could never pull that off on my budget.” So, it’s always a delight when I see a wedding that I absolutely […]

I am a total wedding blog whore. If I don’t attend to my Google reader every day (about 90% of the blogs are wedding related) it will take me hours to catch up. Most weddings that are featured on blogs are glorious and beautiful, but also clearly waaaaay out of my budget. I can take […]