OMG SHOES: Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Can you tell I’m bored at work today? I don’t think I’ve posted this much in one day in ages! Anyway, it’s time for me to make an important choice: which shoes I’m going to wear on the big day. My criteria are thus: that they’re under $75 (after all, my dress only cost $175), the heel is not too high, and either a shade of purple or pink. Here are a few shoes I’ve found, but I’ve hit a wall. Does anyone else have any suggestions of places to look?

Isabella Peep $22
Obviously the price is right, so is the color and style. Peep toes are my favorite!

Madden Girl Selestee-$49.00

Chinese Laundry $46.99


4 Responses to “OMG SHOES: Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

  1. I spent way more than that on my shoes, so I’m not too much help…I’ve been waiting for years to finally splurge on my Fluevogs! Piperlime is having a sale right now and has a pretty decent assortment of shoes (and insanely cheap shipping)…maybe they can help you out?

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